Health Support System

Health care and Plantation-derived health suplements (capsules)

An effort to deliver an innovation to support health system is now on going. To support the objective in health support system, PTD collaborates with a foundation of Yayasan Mutiara Medika Blitar and had aquititioned PT. Mitraku, which operates health care services, Klinik Mitra Medica, at Blitar, East Jawa.

PTD is also collaborating with reseachers from an university, i.e. Institut Teknology Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), to support an establistment of entity producing capsules as supplement for health purposes. For this reason, researches at higher level of TRL (Technology Readiness Level) are currently under taken. There are two reseach topics on this stream:

First, product and market development of health supplement for anti-diabetes, in which the product is technologically derived from Lingzhi mushroom. The project is awarded a research grant from the Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education under the scheme of PPTI (Program Pengembangan Teknologi Indonesia).

Second, product and market development of imono-modulator agent for improving immune system, in which the product is technologically derived from meniran and curcuma. The project is under review for a research grant from Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP), Ministry of Finance, under the scheme of RISPRO (Riset Inovatif Produktif).